Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations of Technical University of Liberec (CXI TUL) has independent human resources development department in organizational structure. The Department for the Development of Human Resources was established in the second half of 2012. The Department of HR Development closely cooperates with Personnel Department of Technical university of Liberec

CxI TUL represents a major employer not only in the Liberec region but also in the Northern Bohemia. The CxI management is aware of the importance and positive benefits of the involvement of experienced scientists from abroad, therefore new scientists are being sought after from abroad. In line with the new concept and objectives of the CxI TUL in the area of human resources and for this reason, the management decided to implement the above mentioned project financed from EU funds within Operational programme Research, Development and Education. The project titled "CxI TUL Management Mechanisms with an emphasis on improving the quality of R & A & I activities" has been implemented since February 2018 and one of its key activities is the strategic management setting to deliver and achieve the HR Excellence in Research Award. The HR Award itself will be seen as a guarantee of compliance of the CxI personnel policy with the conditions of the Charter and the Code. Obtaining and implementing the HR Award will increase the prestige of CXI TUL at TUL, national and international level.