Laboratory of system integration

The main objectives
and activities of the laboratory

  • Data management and computing, which is expected to ensure support in the field of storage, processing, evaluation and advanced analyzing and presenting large volumes of data.
  • Advanced methods of presentation of research results, support in the field of design, modeling and simulation, with emphasis on increasing the attractiveness of presentation of research results and tendering by the using the virtual, mixed and augmented reality or devices of large-screen projection, the use of GIS systems
  • Promoting the collaboration and individual solutions, thus ensuring the promotion of cooperation and sharing of research results within the research teams internally but also to research partners externally, document management, efficient task and time management on projects and thus increase the efficiency and quality of work of management, research and support staff individuals and the research projects themselves.

Cooperation offered

  • App servers, operation and ensuring the application servers run specific software for research activities of laboratories and computing clusters
  • Database, ensuring database capacity for processing and evaluation of research results or solving individual jobs
  • Cloud, the ability to effectively utilize resources by moving some activities to the cloud environment
  • Data-lakes, data storage to store large volumes of unstructured data
  • License management, effective control, audit and license management
  • Reporting, a common reporting solution including support of research teams in this field
  • Collaboration, system support for cooperation between the teams, including ensuring hardware and software resources for effective information sharing
  • Mixed reality, modern presentation techniques via augmented and mixed reality, including support of research teams in preparation the 3D scenes
  • IoT, support in the use of IoT, communication, data collection, including elements that enable the smart car, smart factory or smart city approaches
  • Application development, development of individual applications
  • Analysis, analytic support for research activities in the field of IT or consolidation of specific research requirements to specific solutions
  • Development, of responsive web based application or desktop solutions in any area in Java, .NET or other platforms


Ing Jan Kočí - expert guarantor, e-mail: jan.koci@tul.cz, +420 485353606