NART 2017

Technical University of Liberec, with the North Carolina State University hold this fall, an international conference focused on nanofibers, nanoparticles and affiliated fields of study.
For more information visit our NART website.

The conference aims to acclerate the adoption of micro and nanofibers and related (nano) technologies in innovative functional product and provides free ground for sharing information and original approaches to further scientific knowledge.


In 2015 TUL CxI organized an international conference NART, focused on nanofibers, nanoparticles and similar research fields.

In 2016 TUL CxI co-organized an internation conference Permea Melpro focused on the area of membranes.

In fall of 2016 CxI organizes conference 3D Trends presenting news from the field of 3D printing and new experience from the industry.