Preseed project

„Application of nanomaterials and progressive technologies“

The main target of the project, which is focused on the material research, is the support of a commercial and a technological transfer of new progressive materials and technology into industrial-production programs.The main project outcome will be an increased value of the reached and the verified know-how reflected in the property of the Technical University of Liberec.

Wrote about us:
Newsreport T-UNI (CZECH)

Specific project goals: 

1. Verify options for the development of new materials in semi-working conditions and control their long term functionality and lifespan.

2. Compare attributes of advanced materials with other similar materials available today on the market.

3. Assembling of measuring tracks for material attribute verification. This goal will be important for following activities: filtration, membrane activity where measurements and verifications will go hand in hand with possible application.

4. Specific goal of the project will be the creation of team for transfer of technologies for further development of preseed activities at the TUL.

Integral part of the project are personal capacities ensuring effective transfer of technologies and the development of financial mechanism for the use of incomes from the commercial activities to further develop preseed activities at the TUL.

Project itself will be comprised of individual activities, that will be solved in relative autonomity, presuming the created project realisation team will cooperate with working commercial structures of the TUL on the conceptual application of the developed results on the market.

Duration:   1/1/2014 – 31/10/2015

Provider: Ministry of education, youth and sports/ Operational program Research and development for innovation / Support from pre-seed funds 

Coordinator:Technická univerzita v Liberci

Individual activities:

00 A Project realisation team for technological transfer

00 B Search and commercialization preparation of new R&D results

IA 01 Acoustic component

IA 02 Application of nanolayers with antibacterial and antiviral properties for medical and social facilities

IA 03 New types of nanofibrous biodegradable wound dressings for dificult to heal wounds

IA 04 Catalyticaly active layers for water purification

IA 05 Catalyticaly active layers for air purification

IA 06 Steam-permeable hydrophobic laminates with nanofibrous membrane for textile industry

IA 07 Device for material sorting

A 08 Smart functional cloting for 21. century

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