3D printing

Laboratory of prototype technologies and processes

  • Construction of equipment to expand the potential use of RP methods.
  • Construction of models and prototypes, product development using various different methods.
  • Application of material development in the design of products and new processes.

Laboratory equipment

  • OBJET Connex 500 3D printer with the technology PolyJet Matrix is able to combine two-components for quick production of models and very precise printing of prototype functional objects from various materials (similar to rubber, ABS, then hard and pure materials)
  • Generative laser melting device SLM 280HL for quick production of complexshaped parts using Selective Laser Melting from all machinable powdered metals (stainless iron, aluminum, titan, etc.)
  • LAO fiber laser with an output of 400 W and a laser cutting head for cutting sheet metal and other materials for the construction of prototype parts.
  • 3D printer FORTUS 450mc for repetitious production of precise and tough prototypes from thermoplastic


Ing. Jiří Šafka, Ph.D, +420 485 353 801, +420 734 872 405, jiri.safka@tul.cz