Chemical analysis

Physico-chemical laboratory of nanomaterials

The department focuses on synthesis, functionalisation and analysis of nanomaterials. Functionalisation is realised via organic compounds that are also synthesised and characterised here. The characterisation methods available include NMR, infrared and Raman spectroscopies

  • Service chemical analysis using spectroscopy.
  • Synthesis and testing of new materials for rust-protection (metals, glass, alloys).
  • Made-to-measure synthesis of organic, inorganic and ferrous-organic compounds, determinig the purity and prove of structure.
  • Identification of polymer composite structures and plastics.
  • Identification of defects on products or intermediates when entering (exiting) production.
  • Identification of lubricating oils, tars and asphalts, quality control.
  • Controlling the purity of textiles prior to finishing.
  • Identification of fabrics.
  • Identification of inorganic fillers in polymers.
  • Elemental analysis of minerals, glass, metals and alloys.
  • Measurement of the surface tension of motor oils.
  • Determination of specific surface area of nanofibres and powders e.g. ZnO2, TiO2, SiO.

prof. Ing. Josef Šedlbauer, Ph.D., +420 485 353 375, josef.sedlbauer@tul.cz

Acredited laboratory
The analytical laboratory accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute according to the EN/ISO/IEC 17025 under the code 1611. Chemical and microbiological tests of water, soil, rocks, sludge, sediments, wastes, extracts, plant materials, chemicals, metals, silicate materials and air; testing of products in contact with water and direct contact with foods; nanomaterial characterization. Outside of the scope of accreditation we also provide the development of analytical methods for special applications.

Ing. Petr Parma, Ph.D., +420 485 353 806, petr.parma@tul.cz

Laboratory of nanomaterial application

  • Measurements and testing of various materials.
  • Composition and suggested improvements.

prof. Dr. Ing. Jiří Maryška, CSc., +420 605 747 878, jiri.maryska@tul.cz