Structure of cooperation

The technical University in Liberec is the largest and most comprehensive research organization in the region of Liberec. The newly created Institute offers cutting-edge technology in the field of material research and engineering technology research. Research and technological base, at the Institute, meets the strictest criteria of the current requirements for research and serves as demanded support for commercial and other entities, in the form of contractual research. TUL has a tradition of long-term cooperation with the industry, which means an experienced staff and professional approach to our partners.

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The current level of relations between users of the results and the Institute is shown in the following diagram:

 Cooperation with industry - CxI

A new form of relations with users is currently being built at the Institute i.e. “active network” AMIA (Advanced Materials Industrial Association), which adopts a (successful in the U.S. over the long-term) model of collective support for basic/curiosity driven research by a group companies

 Cooperation with CxI

Types of cooperation