Laboratory of applied informatics

Model Application Section (PAM) is composed of 4 individual but closely co-operating compartments, experts of which do research using up-to-date mathematical methods and SW engineering tools targeted primarily at sectors of potential innovative applications in the industrial and the environmental branches.

We are able to solve a wide range of such issues, starting from a modeling of technical textiles properties, through physical phenomena modeling in a spent nuclear fuel DGR and/or assessment of measurements done in underground laboratories together with an automatic deduction of geo-physical anomalies, ending with an optimization of lignit mining at a work site in Bilina.

Mathematical Models R&D
Contact: Jan Březina, Ph.D., jan.brezina@tul.cz, +420 485 353 651

Models for THMC processes I
Contact: Milan Hokr, Associate Proffesor., milan.hokr@tul.cz, +420 485 353 470

Models for THMC processes II
Contact: Jiřina Královcová, Associate Proffesor jirina.kralovcova@tul.cz, +420 485 353 521

Models for Technical applications
Contact: Josef Novák, Ph.D., Josef.novak@tul.cz, +420 485 353 688


Laboratory of robotic systems

Computer modelling of rheological and temperature-dependent materials, stress analysis of machine critical nodes, including kinematic and dynamic models of mechanical systems and mechatronic components.

doc. Ing. František Novotný, CSc. -head of department,+420 485 352 903 frantisek.novotny@tul.cz

Ing. Marcel Horák, Ph.D., +420 485 352 943, marcel.horak@tul.cz
Ing. Ondřej Matůšek, +420 485 352 905, ondrej.matusek@tul.cz