Laboratory of geoplymer nanostructures

The laboratory is specialized in preparation of special geopolymer mixtures, analysis of their structures and their properties and application options. The laboratory is also focused on the preparation of special structures with high temperature resistance in mechanical stress.

  • Preparation and verification of geopolymers for specific use in conditions of very high temperatures.
  • Construction of composites based on geopolymer matrix with nanoparticular, short-fibrous and long-fibrous reinforcement from inorganic and organic materials.
  • Composites with reinforcements from surface textiles.
  • Development of geopolymer materials with high resilience.
  • Verification of application options of geopolymers for restoration, repair and other purposes.

Ing. Vladimíč Kovačič, +420 485353810, +420 485353342, vladimir.kovacic@tul.cz