HR Excellence in Research

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) at the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation

In 2005, the European Commission adopted the European Charter of researchers and the Code of Conduct for the recruitment of researchers (link Charter and Code https://www.euraxess.at/sites/default/files/am509774cee_en_e4.pdf)

This document contains a set of general principles and requirements specifying the role, responsibilities and rights of researchers and their employers. 40 principles of the Charter and Code contain recommendations closely linked to human resources development strategies in the science and research.

Principles of the Charter and the Code help to increase the attractiveness of scientific institutions and are considered to be a tool to become an equivalent and competitive partner of another science and research institutions.

The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation (CxI) fully supports these principles and by signing the „Declaration of Commitment to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment Researchers“   in December 2017,   confirmed its compatibility with the Charter and the Code and committed to fulfil the principles and requirements. In October 2019, the documents related to Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) were submitted for the evaluation by the European Commission.

In order to obtain the certificate of the HR Award (link https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/hrs4r) accompanied by the stamp of HR Excellence in Research granted by the European Commission to research institutions implementing the HR strategy, internal analysis were developed.

The key document regarding the HRS4R is the analysis of CxI environment: GaP analysis and follop-up Action plan. Whereas the GAP analysis compares the curent practice and conditions at CxI with the Charter and Code requirements, the Action plan forwards specific solutions – actions for the given GAPs. In conjuction with the other documents the Open Transparent Merit-based – Recrutiment Check list and Strategy were further developed.

Representatives of scientific as well as of the administrative positions were involved in developing both analysis and for that purpose various groups and committess were established.

The core of the whole proces was formed by the HR working group led by the coordinator. The main task of the Group was to collect and evaluate all available regulations and directives and describes the processes that influence the CxI environment.

Working group

Miroslav Malý – Coordinator of HR working group

Alena Šilhavá – Director of Department for Development for Human Resources

Adéla Zemanová – CxI Secretary

Jitka Havlíková – Head of TUL HR Department

Ivana Vodolánová – Head of TUL Legal Department

Jaroslava Militká – Secretary of TUL Office of Internal Evaluation Board

Kateřina Maršíková – Guarantor of Appraisal Agenda

Jindřiška Hauerová – Guarantor of Education and Training Agenda

Darina Myšáková – Guarantor of Dissemination of Results Agenda

Jana Kmochová – Gurantor of HR Information System Agenda

Michal Řezanka – Representative of Research Focus Group

Composition of the HR Working Group reflects principles of the Charter and the Code, professional orientation of its members and their position within CxI and TUL organizational structure.

Steering committee

Steering Committee ensured the accordance of the GAP analysis and Action Plan with other CxI Strategies and assessed the impact of the actions into the CxI environment. 

Zdeněk Kůs – TUL emeritus rector

Vladimír Stach – TUL Bursar

Petr Tůma – CxI Director

Miroslav Černík – CxI Director for Research

Pavel Němeček – TUL emeritus Vice-rector for Research

Aleš Kocourek – TUL Vice-rector for Education and Internal Legislation


Group of Internal Consultants

Group representing CxI Research Departments and laboratories analysed CxI environment in context of the Charter and the Code principles. Opportunities and gaps identified were subsequently discussed among particular research teams.

Group of External Experts

Group of External Experts was appointed by the CxI Director, has an international and industrial link and consulted the CxI HR policy with an outside insight.

Contact person for the HR agenda is Alena Kabova alena.kabova@tul.cz

Contribution to the organization - HRS4R contributes to promotion and internationalization

  • Prestigious institutions at national and international level, award-winning brand
  • Created common institutional identity
  • Quality of management and management
  • Position in the field of EVP (projects in European and domestic programs)
  • High level of collaboration (cooperation with major partners)
  • Competent work teams and skilled workers
  • Collective relations - adaptable start
  • Attractiveness for new workers

Process adjustments should provide workers with a more welcoming work environment and conditions, especially:

  • Safe working environment
  • Transparent conditions for the selection of the best job seekers
  • Assistance to new (incoming) workers (and workers from abroad) when they are placed in an institution (in a job)
  • Career process: education and career development system, qualification and competence assessment
  • Meaningful organization of activities (project management)
  • High-quality support functions for creative work, easy communication and access to information
  • Clear evaluation system rules (including pay system)