HR Excellence in Research

Contribution to the organization - HRS4R contributes to promotion and internationalization

  • Prestigious institutions at national and international level, award-winning brand
  • Created common institutional identity
  • Quality of management and management
  • Position in the field of EVP (projects in European and domestic programs)
  • High level of collaboration (cooperation with major partners)
  • Competent work teams and skilled workers
  • Collective relations - adaptable start
  • Attractiveness for new workers

Process adjustments should provide workers with a more welcoming work environment and conditions, especially:

  • Safe working environment
  • Transparent conditions for the selection of the best job seekers
  • Assistance to new (incoming) workers (and workers from abroad) when they are placed in an institution (in a job)
  • Career process: education and career development system, qualification and competence assessment
  • Meaningful organization of activities (project management)
  • High-quality support functions for creative work, easy communication and access to information
  • Clear evaluation system rules (including pay system)