Our offers to companies

We provide solutions to manufacturing companies and firms while focusing on the application of research results into commercial practice. Besides that we also provide unique instrumentation used for research, development and specific orders from the industry.

It is worth noting that we acquisitioned for example 3D scanner - a software tool for processing data obtained by scanning using contactless touch, scanning electron microscope with microanalysis or a press brake for pressing and free bending. Other instruments can be found in the instrument presentation. New updated instrument presentation is currently in development.

Through association AMIA we organize meetings of industry representatives, including the presentation of research results and new areas of innovation. This association provides the opportunity to influence the direction of research, and offers discounts on orders conducted at the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation. More information on the AMIA website.


If you would like to cooperate with us, contact us at: adam.blazek@tul.cz


Examples of successful cooperation with industry

Results of the Preseed project: Nanomaterials - link

Plasma treatment of large surface structures - link

Computer micro-tomography kyscan 1272 (further vieos on our CxI channel) - link

Robotul - Vertical Climber