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Invitation to seminar: Chemistry of low-dimensional nanomaterials - Opportunities and Chanllenges of 0-, 1- and 2-D materials

When: 19 th of November 2019, 10:00
Where: CxI, building L, 4. Floor, conference room.
Lecturer: Dr. Petr Kovaříček, Junior Researcher at J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Petr Kovaříček studied Ph.D. under the supervision of prof. Jean Marie Lehn, at Université de Strasbourg, ISIS, France. He worked on the topic of dynamic covalent chemistry for responsive and adaptive systems. After that, he joined the group of prof. Stefan Hecht at Humboldt-Univerzität zu Berlin, Germany, where he solved problematics related to the smart responsive materials. Dr. Kovaříček is currently focused on covalent functionalization of 2D materials and nanoparticles, organic and polymer synthesis, spectroelectrochemistry, epitaxial materials, heterostructures and a broad range of materials analysis techniques (Raman, TGA-MS, GPC, AFM, PL, NMR etc.).
In 2019 obtained Otto Wichterle award for an excellent young scientist from the Czech Academy of Sciences. He successfully solves the Czech Science Foundation grant project. Dr. Kovaříček publishes in prestigious journals including Angewandte Chemie.

18. 11. 2019