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Nuclear power is not just about the new block in Dukovany

The aim of the Czech Nuclear Association (hereinafter referred to as the CJA) is to support the construction of new nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic with the maximum involvement of Czech industry and engineering workplaces, research workplaces, and universities. We are convinced that the involvement of Czech entities will strengthen the Czech economy, maintain energy security, self-sufficiency of our country, and maintain education in the field of nuclear energy, which Czech companies and universities still have.

One of these subjects is our CxI, which contributes to the project with expert knowledge in the field of water treatment, study of microbial processes associated with nuclear waste depositories, modeling of radioactive waste repositories in connection to water flow, and the use of robotics.

The link to the whole article can be found here. (in Czech only)

(source: allforpower.cz; Ing. Tomáš Kovalovský, Ing. Radek Trtílek,
Ing. Vojtech Stehel PhD., Prof. Miroslav Cernik)

30. 3. 2021