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Michal Řezanka became an associate professor

Michal Řezanka, a chemist on the frontier of organic and material chemistry has now significantly moved up in his career following a successful defence of his habilitation thesis at the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. The coronavirus quarantine played a major role in his case as well, a time during which he wrote his habilitation thesis on the topic: Cyclodextrins - synthesis of derivatives and their applications. On May 31, 2021, he gave a lecture on his work "Organic Chemistry in the Functionalization of Nanomaterials".

"I have a special fondness for cyclodextrin chemistry, which is naturally reflected in my habilitation. It was a longer process and my thanks go to everyone who helped me get to the current point of my career, and contributed to the creative and friendly environment at our workplace in Liberec and, of course, to the results I have achieved", says Michal Řezanka.

In his habilitation thesis he describes the possibilities of cyclodextrin derivatives synthesis, especially those that can serve as precursors for further synthesis. He shows the current possibilities of cyclodextrin chemistry in the synthesis of individual derivatives on selected, most commonly-used methods and at the same time points out its possible pitfalls. His work also deals with some specific applications of cyclodextrin derivatives, and thus opens the door to further understanding and their possible use.

21. 6. 2021