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Fold boxes and transfers them onto a conveyor. All that in 8.4 seconds.

Handles packaging and logistics. Simultaneously picks up two cardboards from containers, folds them into the desired shape and passes them onto a conveyor. Designers from the Department of Manichery Construction developed and built an automatic machine for folding boxes used in air filter packaging, which are made of semi-finished cardboard stored in two conatiners. The machine is part of the production line in Knorr-Bremse Ltd., a frequent partner of CXI.

Jaroslav Sieratovski was in charge of all work coordination and technical support on the contract. The whole team consisting of Pavel Srb, Pavel Jandura, student Lukáš Vávra and Jozef Stuchlík collaborated on the design, construction and production.

„We partnered up with VÚTS a.s. Together we "commissioned" the machine and implemented it in the production line. The control program and machine controls were investigated by programmers from VÚTS a.s., it was up to us to ensure the construction of the machine," says Sieratovski.

The machine folds boxes from semi-finished cardboards: it gradually picks up the semi-finished cardboard from one of the two containers using pneumatic suckers and slides it into the folding position where it is folded into the appropriate shape and finished by a gauge. The box is then moved to one of the two positions of the pull-out box, which, after filling the second position, slides the folded boxes onto a conveyor. The required machine rate was set to 8.4 seconds at 2 folded boxes transferred onto a conveyor. 

„Personally, I dare say, we managed to put together a development team, for which the work on such a machine had become a personal challenge and the results can be seen. The machine meets a demanding and very uncompromising time interval. In addition, we managed to build it and deliver in just a few months. It was put into operation in July 2020," explains Sieratovski.   


As the work progressed, the team was assigned to develop another machine, this time for packaging and logistics of blisters. Concurrently, the team built a hexa-sectional carousel-type machine with each section containing two vertical blister containers. Blisters are simultaneously picked up by a suction system in two pieces at the same rate of 8.4 seconds.

 The cooperation on machine designed was also joined by the company Festo, which supplied pneumatic drives. High demands on safety according to the standards were a matter of course. We are talking about maximum coverage of all individual moving parts. Boxes and blisters are placed in containers by the operators' hand. With regard to their protection, it was necessary to equip the machines with extraordinary safety features that allow them to refill the containers without stopping the entire automatic production line.


„We see a great future in automation, just like our partners. We approach our projects and contract research with partner companies innovatively, but automation is not all-encompassing either. One just cannot do without people. As I see, our team has a wide potential and experience to create new equipment at a high technical level," concludes Jaroslav Sieratovski.

23. 7. 2021