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Lots of ideas, new strength and enthusiasm for the second half of 2021

Dear colleagues,
I would like to welcome you back at the beginning of September after the holiday season. At the beginning of the holidays, I wished you to draw on many ideas, new strength and enthusiasm for the second half of this year. I hope that this has been successful and that you have spent your holiday to the best of your ability and returned to CXI in good spirits and wellbeing. Let's be optimistic and not assume that this fall will be a repeat of last year's scenario. We have been inoculated and promoted, so hopefully we will have a "normal" fall and winter without school closings, work cutbacks, and restrictions on our activities.

Let us also hope that we will put our strength, ideas and enthusiasm to good use. That the project calls will finally start and we will be able to offer our knowledge and experience to project partners. In addition to the international Horizon Europe calls, there are GACR Lead Agency calls (USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland); Inter-Excellence calls will open soon and TRENDs and hopefully National Centres of Competence at the end of the year. So there will be plenty of work to do and the result will be reflected in the maintenance of activities and overall stability of CXI in the coming years.

Next year will be a celebratory year for CXI. Together we will celebrate 10 years since the opening of Building L and thus 10 years of actual activity of the Institute. We will take some stock, but above all we will continue to build CXI as an important part of TUL. I don't want to reveal anything in advance yet, so that it will be a surprise. But I can say that we are preparing ten events for the whole of next year, and very diverse ones - professional, festive, sporting and social - to mark the anniversary.

I wish you a wonderful Indian summer.
Mirek Černík, Your Director

7. 9. 2021