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Invitation to seminar - Cell modelling towards discovery in microfluidics

Cell modelling towards discovery in  microfluidics

When: 13.2.2019 od 10.00
Where: TUL, budova L, seminární místnost (4.003), 4. Patro
Speaker: doc. Mgr. Ivan Cimrák, Dr, Katedra softvérových technologií, Žilinská univerzita

Induced hemolysis is a major concern in the design and optimization of blood - contacting devices.
Blood damage is typically estimated using continuum fluid dynamics simulations using a novel cell damage index (CDI) obtained by simulations on the single cell level in a lattice Boltzmann fluid flow. The CDI can incorporate both volume fraction and channel geometry information into a single quantitative value for the characterization of flow in artificial chambers.

6. 2. 2019