International research laboratories

Project title: International Research Laboratories

Registration number: CZ.02.2.69 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 18_054 / 0014685

Implementation period: 01.03.2020-31.12.2022

Investigator: Ing. Adéla Zemanová

Project description:

The submitted project adds one new strategic goal to the existing CxI Strategic Plan: to establish joint research laboratories with a foreign partner.

During the implementation of the project, manuals will first be prepared on the topics:

  • how to select a suitable partner for a joint research institute,
  • how to proceed in creating joint research institutes and
  • how to operate and manage a joint research institute.

These guidance documents will be created in cooperation with existing and also with new partners, especially from the founding countries of the EU.

The accuracy and functionality of these documents will be verified by a pilot establishment of two joint research laboratories in the next phase of project implementation.

In connection with this main strategic goal, activities that will support the expertise and competence of CxI's professional workplaces will be implemented.

Activity: Support for publishing activities in a foreign language

The aim of this activity is to support young promising scientists in their publishing activities.

The project is expected to implement the following activities:

  • A series of courses focused on Academic English writing - it is planned to implement 4 professional courses with a thematic focus on eg Academic vocabulary, Concept and proposal writing, Citation skills, Essay / Articles structuring.
  • Linguistic proofreading of already created final texts of publications.
  • Publication fee - incl. open access).

The output of this activity will be the preparation, proofreading and publication of 20 professional articles and at the same time strengthening the publishing skills of researchers and increasing their reputation in the field of professional publications.

Activity: Participation of researchers and staff providing specialized activities in major foreign events

With regard to the fulfillment of the goal of active search for other partner institutions, 15 trips of CxI leading or key employees to important foreign conferences or other prestigious events are planned. The main reasons for planning these trips are:

  • gaining new contacts for the creation of other workplaces, strategic partnerships,
  • acquisition of new knowledge / information in the professional orientation of the employee,
  • obtaining new information in the field of mutual cooperation, creation of partner networks.

Activity: Foreign trips and internships

The International Research Laboratories Project plans foreign trips and internships for managers, researchers and economists for R&D.

Senior employees can participate in short-term internships (2-5 days) in order to get acquainted in detail with the expert profile, technical equipment and staffing of the partner's workplace and gain the qualification to participate in creating the conception and other decisions regarding the establishment of a joint workplace.

Researchers can participate in medium-term (30-60-day) internships in order to get acquainted in detail with the projects and equipment of the partner's workplace, and thus gain the qualification to enter into the preparation or implementation of joint research projects or research contracts.

Foreign experts can also be invited to CxI in order to get acquainted with the profiles of their workplace, technical equipment and staffing, and thus gain experience and qualifications to participate in creating the concept of joint activities.

The project application lists the following institutions with which foreign cooperation is planned:

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft ISC Wurzburg a IWU Chemnitz, Germany
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugo
The Catapult Centres, Great Britain
Univerzita La Sapienza, Italy
Linz Centre of Mechatronics, Austria
Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain

If you are interested in participating in the internship, please write an e-mail to adela.zemanova@tul.cz.

Please indicate the type of placement and the institution you have chosen. Thank you.

All planned educational events are focused on the development of skills and competencies needed to acquire foreign partners, to maintain and develop the intensity of international relations in science and research with emphasis on their highest level, i.e. the establishment and sustainable operation of joint international workplaces.

The project is co-financed by the European Union.