On 11 November 2019, the PROSYKO 2 project, the program of applied research, experimental development and innovation GAMA 2, subprogram 1 - proof-of-concept, was approved at TUL. The main goal of PROSYKO 2 is to support the new system and streamline already established one for the transfer of new R&D knowledge financed from public resources at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL) and to put them into practice.

The GAMA 2 Applied Research, Experimental Development and Innovation Program, Subprogram 1 - Proof-of-Concept (hereinafter referred to as the “GAMA 2 Program, PP1”) was approved by Government Decision No. 218 of 1 April 2019.

The PROSYKO 2 program is aimed at supporting the system of commercialization and supporting the use of R&D results, which were or are being developed at the Technical University of Liberec, and which have a high potential for application in new or improved products or services.

The proof of application potential of new R&D results before their possible use in practice (the so-called "proof-of-concept stage") will be supported. Activities will be supported (financed) serving mainly to verify the practical applicability of new R&D results (additional research, experimental verification, etc.) leading to the design of new substantially improved products, processes, or services. The actual application of knowledge is not the goal of the project.

The PROSYKO 2 project will be implemented through sub-projects. Sub-projects are research projects that will verify the practical use of new R&D results. Only a TUL employee can be the solver of a sub-project. The basic conditions and procedure for submitting sub-projects are described below (“Current information”). More information will be provided by the coordinators for the individual components of the TUL (list at the bottom of the page).

List of coordinators:

Faculty of Mechanical engineering - Ing. Pavlína Křečková

Faculty of Textile - Ing. Gabriela Krupincová, Ph.D.

Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary studies - prof. Ing. Aleš Richter, CSc.

CxI - Mgr. Adam Blažek, MBA

Other faculties and institutes - Ing. Stanislav Petrík, CSc.