Integrated Approach to Management of Groundwater quality In functional urban Areas

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Cíle: Groundwater contamination is a problem that goes beyond administrative boundaries of a local public authority: there is little experience in Europe in the management of such challenges in functional urban areas (FUAs). Current practices of environmental management and measures for mitigation of pollution sources are often not sufficient. AMIIGA tackles in particular the problem of groundwater contamination originating from brownfield sites. Due to structural change, extensive brownfield areas exist both in the urban cores as well as in their hinterlands. Contamination sources located in "city core" affects the groundwater quality of "hinterlands" downstream and vice versa. It requires effective intervention at a medium (FUA) scale, neglected in existing legislation. The project focuses on integrated assessment, remediation and management strategies. The AMIIGA tools will be implemented in 7 pilot actions in 7 regions; the results will be then jointly evaluated by the project partnership. The AMIIGA partnership ibrings together a combination of technical, research, management and regulatory expertise that will exchange and transfer knowledge, which is needed to face the complex challenge of groundwater contamination.

Řešitel: prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Černík, CSc.

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