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Assoc. Professor Dr. Stanislav Petrik

Stanislav Petrik is the Head of the Department of Nanostructure Preparation and Analysis at the CxI, TUL, Czech Republic

Dr. Petrik led research and development department at company ELMARCO till January 2009, when he started to focus mainly to creation relations and new research and business opportunities between academic and industrial institutions. He significantly participated in the process of commercialization of Nanospider™ technology, especially in setting up company’s subsidiary in the USA, and in the global business development for this technology. Since January 2012, he is engaged mainly in commercialization of research and development result and technology transfer of the Technical University of Liberec. His current main research interests are in research and development of new nanostructured and nanofiber materials and their applications for filtration, separation and sensor systems, especially for biomedical application and environment protection.

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Lukáš Voleský

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Karolína Voleská
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Ing. Zuzana Hrubošová, Ing. Paed. IGIP.

Zuzana Hrubošová graduated in two fields. Textile and fashion design, textile engineering from the Faculty of Textile, Technical university of Liberec, Czech Republic. Since 2013 to 2019 she worked as a junior researcher and teacher at the same university. Zuzana also studied International Engineering Pedagogy, provided by The University of Klagenfurt Austria and International Society for Engineering Pedagogy. Her activities concern the development and evaluation of 3D Textile Structures for visual disable people. This work was also awarded by Theophile Legrand Prix 2018 in Paris, for The Textile Innovations in The Service of Human. Since 2019 she has been working as a Junior Researcher at the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technology and Innovation and has continued in Ph.D. program of Nanotechnologies. As a part of her professional experience she has completed several internships and course works on international institutions, including The University of Mauritius, Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, USA, Canadian National Istitute for The Blind.

Zuzana is a cofounder of the platform Design Workshops 21 that became a bridge between Fashion Design and Textile Engineering. She is also active at the fashion and textile design. Her design activities are related to her research too. Zuzana is using smart materials for her collections presenting internarionally, for example at Vancouver Men's Fashion Week or Eco Fashion Week Australia (www.zuzanahrubos.com).

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Totka Bakalová
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