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The Matrix, Star Wars, and a spilled flask. The CXI calendar has 14 months.

7. 1. 2022

It's such a nice tradition here: make a calendar for CXI. All 14 photographs have a combination of research, creativity and team spirit. The CXI scientists are inventive, each month showcasing a department and related to what each team does or just how they are. Calendars are distributed to our partners and are also available for individual meetings.

It was a new experience for most of the CXI team. Agreeing on an idea, coming up with locations, props and on the third attempt getting a healthy and professional photographer. Everyone I approached nodded for the shoot and participated very actively. Thanks to all of them for that.

It turns out that the most important thing is the idea. It "sells". We didn't underestimate the realization either and the individual teams and the photographer Sára Šindelářová took care to prepare it well.
For CXI, this is one of the activities that help build a good atmosphere, a team atmosphere, but also the brand and unique identity of CXI. "I am happy that we can create such a thing in our country with professional quality. We want to keep the tradition of shooting calendars for the next few years. We had a lot of fun making this year's calendar and putting it together, and I myself have a few secret favourites that really pulled off the idea perfectly. In the future, we will prepare a unified theme, perhaps a sports concept," says Miroslav Černík, CXI director and long-time initiator of calendars in his department.

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