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Information Support and Analysis Department

The Information Support and Analysis Department manages and coordinates internal processes related primarily to IT support and technical support for all CXI departments. Its primary objective is also to collect and analyse R&D data associated with CSR reporting. Furthermore, the department takes care of internal communication towards the CXI team and tries to create a comfortable working environment for all employees. It is also actively engaged in external communication with partners, providers, collaborators and the media.

What can we do for you?

  • R&D data analysis.
  • CSR reporting.
  • IT support for the Directorate, Grant Support Department and all R&D departments of CXI (i.e. management of basic software equipment - more info for TUL employees here: https://liane.tul.cz/cz/software, ongoing maintenance and renewal of HW, network connections).
  • Maintenance and updating of the CXI website.
  • PR and promotion of CXI offline and digitally.
  • Administration of communication channels (i.e. filing service, data box, contract register, etc.).
  • Technical support of CXI.
  • Services and operation of the 'L' building reception.

Ing. Pavla Švermová, Ph.D.

Department head

Ing. Pavla Švermová, Ph.D.

CXI TUL - Head of Information Support and Analysis Department. OGP - International RaD projects.

EF KPE TUL - Corporate social responsibility (CSR), innovation management, SMEs.


E pavla.svermova@tul.cz

Mgr. Lenka Hanušová

Member of department

Mgr. Lenka Hanušová

  • marketing communication, PR and media relations management
  • creation and implementation of complex communication and marketing strategies
  • PR activities, content management for various media channels
  • brand management and media relations
  • rebranding, product marketing communications and developing relationships with communities and partners
  • management of a team of specialists
  • international project management
  • LinkedIn coach

E lenka.hanusova@tul.cz

Ing. Martin Vích Vlasák


Ing. Martin Vích Vlasák

  • Industrial and home automation, PLC

E Martin.Vlasak@tul.cz


Information Support and Analysis Department

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