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HORIZON EUROPE – Hop On Facility

The Hop On Facility integrates one additional participant from a Widening country to an ongoing project under Pillar 2 while topping up a relevant task or work package and the cost incurred by the additional participant.

Two-deadline call - opening: 10 Jan 2023 - 1. deadline: 28 Sep 2023; 2. deadline: 26 Sep 2024

List of eligible projects

Horizon Europe - European Research Council (ERC) - Starting Grant Call

The ERC's main frontier research grants aim to empower individual researchers (Principal Investigator) and provide the best settings to foster their creativity. Scientific excellence is the sole criterion of evaluation. The ERC's frontier research grants operate on a 'bottom-up' basis and applications can be made in any field of research with an emphasis on the frontiers of science, scholarship and engineering.

Call opening date: annually in summer - exact information about the call in 2023 will be published on the Prague Technology Centre.

HORIZON EUROPE – TEAMING for Excellence (up to 6 years projects)

The Teaming action is designed to support the creation of new centres of excellence or upgrading the existing ones in low R&I performing countries, building up partnerships between leading scientific institutions in Europe and the main beneficiary institutions in low R&I performing countries that display the willingness to engage together for this purpose. Expected EU contribution per project: 8 – 15 mil. EUR (to be funded 18 centres).

Opening: 10 Jan 2023

Deadlines: 1st stage: 12 Apr 2023, 2nd stage: 7 Mar 2024

HORIZON EUROPE – TWINNING (up to 3 years projects)

Supports networking activities between the R&I institutions of the Widening countries acting as co-ordinators and top-class leading counterparts at European Union level by linking it with at least two research institutions from two different Member States or Associated Countries.
A)  Bottom-up
Expected EU contribution per project: 0.80 – 1.5 mil. EUR (to be funded 80 projects)
B)   Grean deal
Defined areas: Climate research, green technologies, renewable energy, sustainable mobility, biodiversity research, sustainable use of natural resources (land, water, air)
Expected EU contribution per project: 0.80 – 1.5 mil. EUR (to be funded – 20 projects)

Opening: 25 Apr 2023
Deadline: 28 Sep 2023

Useful links:
O financování formou lump sum s Lenkou Chvojkovou
Lump sum projekty v Horizontu Evropa
Hybrid seminar on project writing to the TWINNING and Pathways to Synergies 2023 call

HORIZON EUROPE – Excellence hubs (up to 4 years projects)

Supports creation of networks of place-based R&I ecosystems in at least 2 Widening countries. R&I ecosystems comprises 4 different actors: 1. academic institutions, 2. business entities, 3. public authorities, 4. societal actors.

Expected EU contribution per project: 2 – 6 mill. EUR (to be funded 12 hubs)

Opening: 28 Sep 2023
Deadline: 07 Mar 2024

LIFE Programme

The LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action.

Useful links:
CZ Ministry of the Environment
Funding & tender opportunities portal

Opening for national complementary projects (CZ Ministry of the Environment): April / May 2023
Opening for EU’s funding:


INTERREG - Cooperation Programme Czech Republic - Free State of Saxony 2021-2027

The Czech-Saxony Interreg Programme 2021-2027 supports the economic and social development of the common border area through Czech-Saxon cooperation projects.

Useful links: https://www.sn-cz2027.eu/cz

Deadlines: 22 Feb 2023, 7 Jul 2023

INTERREG - Cooperation Programme Czech Republic - Poland 2021-2027

The Czech-Poland Interreg Programme 2021-2027 supports the economic and social development of the common border area through Czech-Poland cooperation projects.

Useful links: www.cz-pl.eu

Deadline according to the respective Priority see www.cz-pl.eu


The priorities of the programme are as follows:
1. Cooperating for a smarter central Europe,
2. Cooperating for a greener central Europe,
3. Cooperating for a better-connected central Europe,
4. Improving governance for cooperation in central Europe

Useful link: https://www.interreg-central.eu/our-programme/

Deadline: 17.5. 2023


Horizon Europe - useful links

Work programmes under Horizon Europe 2023-24

Horizon Europe project funding rules (handbook)

Guide for Preparation and Management of CXI Research and Non-research Projects

General partners

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