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HR Excellence in Research

The Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation (CXI) received the HR Award from the European Commission on 2 March 2020. To this end, the CXI Director signed the "Declaration of Commitment to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for Researchers" in December 2017, confirming compliance with the Charter and the Code. The 40 principles of the Charter and Code contain recommendations closely linked to human resource development strategies in science and research. The principles of the Charter and the Code help to increase the attractiveness of scientific institutions and are seen as a tool to become an equal and competitive partner with other scientific and research institutions.

The key document related to the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) is the analysis of the CXI environment, the so-called GAP analysis and the subsequent action plan. The GAP analysis compares current practices and conditions at CxI with the requirements of the Charter and the Code; the Action Plan proposes specific solutions - actions for the gaps. Together with other documents, the document "Recruitment based on the principles of openness, transparency and merit criteria" was also developed.

Contribution to the organization - HRS4R contributes to promotion and internationalization:

  • Prestige of the institution at national and international level, valued brand
  • Established common institutional identity
  • Quality of leadership and management
  • Position in the field of ERA (projects in European and domestic programs)
  • High level of collaboration (cooperation with major partners)
  • Competent work teams and qualified research staff
  • Collegial relationships - adaptable staff
  • Attractiveness for new research staff

Changes in processes should create a more friendly working environment and conditions for workers, in particular:

  • Safe working environment
  • Transparent conditions for selecting the best job candidates
  • Assistance new staff and researchers staff from abroad with ther introduction into the institution or job role
  • Career progression - training and career development system, recognition of qualifications and competences
  • Meaningful organization of activities and project management
  • Quality support functions for creative work, easy communication and access to information
  • Clear rules for the appraisal system, including the reward system

Initial Phase

General partners

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