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DET: We are not afraid of big challenges!

5. 5. 2022

At the beginning of April this year, we submitted a project to the National Centres of Competence (NCK, TAČR) programme on behalf of the Department of Environmental Technology (CXI) led by Lukáš Dvořák. This is a multi-million dollar ambitious project in which we are not alone, but involves a total of 20 national institutions and companies. This public competition is aimed at promoting and strengthening long-term cooperation between the research and application spheres and strengthening the institutional base of applied research. The preparation of this NCK took several months and required long and challenging negotiations across the consortium. It was not easy to bring together so many different views and to cover all the legislation. You can imagine. The main project manager Lukáš Dvořák took on this task generously and with his team and other participants prepared a very comprehensive project. It should address current and future environmental issues. We are expecting the announcement of the results of the NCK programme at the end of November and I sincerely hope that our great efforts will be appreciated and that this project will be awarded.

 Results and vision

But I will say a few words about our department. The OTP is mainly involved in developing and testing new technologies and solving problems in the field of environment and biotechnology. It is a relatively "young" department with excellent results (as evidenced by the number of projects and contracts it has handled) and with big visions and plans. Cooperation with companies is essential for us, which we are developing and means that we can apply our results in practice and also keep up to date with current issues in the field. Research would be meaningless without application, and that is what we at OTŽP are committed to.

Look for the leader behind everything

The leader of the Environmental Technology Department is Lukáš Dvořák, who started working at CXI several years ago as a researcher and has since been able to develop and contribute his potential to science and research as well as to the development of the team. His primary goal is to ensure the smooth running of the department, the external presentation, of course the finances and last but not least the satisfaction of "his people". And not only them. A healthy functioning team is the foundation without which OTŽP would not have achieved its current success. Lukáš is an excellent motivator who knows exactly how to balance the ratio between the demands on his work team and the activities that motivate them to achieve the best possible results.
Individual members are actively involved in writing and solving projects, participate in national and international conferences, publish professional articles, and actively share new findings of their work with the professional community, all of which contribute to dynamic development.
Of course, success is never automatically guaranteed, and progress cannot be made without making a proper effort... And without progress, we remain stagnant and miss out on opportunities. This is not the case at OTŽP, we are moving forward quite quickly and leaving behind good and appreciated results.

We wish Lukas and his entire team every success in the future and many new great challenges.

Karel Havlíček, Lenka Hanušová

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