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Robots, Hololens and lots of codes. Do you know OSW?

7. 2. 2022

They are programmers and developers. They design architecture for both software and hardware solutions, both for research projects and industry contracts. They use IoT devices, cloud services and augmented reality to do their work. That's CXI's Software Architecture and Development Department in a nutshell.

They program and visualize industrial products (in pre-development), simulation tools or systems such as: a system for monitoring agricultural machinery, software and hardware for a robotic warehouse and including warehouse planning using artificial intelligence, automatic sorting of glass shards on a line with FPGA technology, a system for sorting glass shards or reservation and planning platforms.

Their arsenal includes physical and virtual robots and HoloLens glasses. And what can it all look like in practice? Imagine an electric vehicle with autonomous elements that is innovative precisely in the integration of augmented reality - AR technology Microsfot HoloLens, which is used to control the entire platform. This allows the potential to not only self-drive and track the vehicle's position, but also to use the built-in HoloLens functionality for remote monitoring, including image and audio transmission. In addition, this autonomous driving system under development also has a cloud-based superstructure that provides real-time evaluation of selected signals and prediction of required steering interventions using machine learning principles. The complete telemetry data and interfaces are also concentrated in the cloud, from where you can monitor and remotely manage this autonomous vehicle online.

Want to fing yout more? Watch our VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJwrsNT4kHc&t=3s

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