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Combining generative design with 3D printing of composites for developing grippers for robots

Kdy: 17. 02. 2022

Domain: Engineering

Event: seminar

Place of the event: Abroad

Time: 11:00-12:00, ONLINE

Speaker: Prof. Jon Aurrekoetxea Narbarte – Materials and Forming Research Group
(Mondragon University)

Additive manufacturing is a digital technology that allows going from the CAD file to the physical product directly, without mould or jigs. Consequently, it is well adapted to the production of individual parts with complex shapes as grippers for robots. However, their design is a challenge, as there is often little relevant prior experience. The generative design can overcome this problem, allowing autonomous design according to algorithmic expert systems that emulate manual design methods but with such efficiency that their contribution to variable costs is effectively nil, and time to market is also shortened. In the present webinar, the potential of combining the Generative Design with the Additive Manufacturing of composites will be presented, using as a case study the 3D printed grippers for robot/human collaborative environments applied to the dismantling of fridges.

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