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Order of the Director - Coronavirus measures at CxI

Dear colleagues,

As part of the director's order, I follow up on the measures announced by doc. P. Tůma in connection with the current epidemic situation for the period of December 28, 2020 - January 8, 2021.

Due to the non-improving situation and the persistence of the risk level PES-5, I extend and specify the validity of measures to reduce the frequency of meetings at CxI workplaces as follows:

  • It is forbidden to move in TUL buildings for reasons other than work, to bring family members, relatives, acquaintances, etc. to these places. The presence of students is prohibited in the CxI premises (unless they have an employment relationship here).
  • The simultaneous presence of more than one person in one room is prohibited (does not apply to corridors). Due to the need to finish projects and other activities carried out during this period, a work meeting of several people is allowed, if necessary, in compliance with hygienic measures. Limit these meetings to as short a time as possible.
  • CxI project and workplace managers (research departments, OGP, OTP, departments and directorates) are required to organize all work activities in order for these measures to have a minimal adverse impacts on the course, results and economics of projects, contracts, workplaces and labor relations within CxI, TUL and our external partners.

Exceptions to these measures may be granted by the Director (requests send to the secretariat petra.halirova@tul.cz).

Order in pdf here

8. 1. 2021