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A new guide for parents and carers: How to balance caring and working

20. 4. 2023

When to start maternity leave? What documents will you need? Or are you already thinking about returning to work after parental leave? Download the new guide for parents and carers, which covers the most common questions about maternity, parental and paternity leave, childcare and other care and foster care. The handbook is available for staff on the intranet in the 'Information for staff' section.

"We want our University to be a friendly and supportive place for parents and carers. We have therefore produced a guide to help them balance caring for their loved ones with their work commitments. The handbook gives comprehensive information on a variety of situations and provides specific practical tips on what to do when caring for a child, family member or other person and how to manage everything in the best possible way and how to adapt to new working conditions," says Alena Kábová, HR Director at CXI TUL.

The university also actively supports parents and carers. In addition to the possibility of using parental leave and returning to work after it, the university offers other forms of support, such as flexible working hours, home office and the possibility of part-time work. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of babysitting in the Children's Corner or pre-school education for children in the University's nursery.

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