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An experiment in the heart of science. CXI is testing skin nanomasks.

9. 2. 2024

The CXI Liberec Research Centre at the Technical University works closely with leaders and newcomers in the nano field. Most often these are advanced nanotechnologies or nanomaterials, their development and applications in industry, environmental protection in medicine or cosmetics. And it is the cosmetics company Nanopharma that is testing its innovative nanofibre face masks in the heart of science at the CXI TUL in Liberec.


Nanopharma has bet on innovative products in skin care. It has made a name for itself in the cosmetic world with its nanofibre masks. After the success of its first dry nanofibre mask in 2018, it is introducing a new product line, NanoBeauty. The masks are based on a patented system of delivering active ingredients (vitamins, gluconolactone, hyaluronic acid, etc.) into the nanofibers for subsequent effective release into the skin.

CXI and Nanopharma join forces in the name of beauty and innovation

The aforementioned innovation - a facial mask - is now being tested by researchers. The experiment involves 20 CXI team members. 19 women and 1 man volunteer to test the effects of NanoBeauty masks on their skin. The testing focuses on hydration, skin elasticity and reduction of wrinkles around the eyes. These parameters are measured by a Multiskin device and the experiment also includes subjective evaluations of the participants. Both methods will provide valuable data to assess the effectiveness of the mask.

""With NanoBeauty, we go beyond traditional beauty products. Not only do our masks boast significant active ingredient transfer efficiency and a patented manufacturing technology that ensures even distribution, but we have also created a product that is unique in its technical design. It is a dry mask where the beneficial substances are activated only on contact with moistened skin, so there is no need to use any stabilisers during production," says Johana Kulhánková, Head of Product Development at Nanopharma.

NanoBeauty mask is formulated without parabens, silicones, acrylates, dyes and perfumes and is suitable even for very sensitive skin. The team of volunteers from CXI will continue to apply the masks and monitor the results on their skin for the next two weeks. Then, the group of testers will meet again in an impromptu beauty studio to see what results they have achieved.

"Nanopharma is one of our research partners and is directly based at the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation (CXI) at the University of Liberec. This is the best proof that CXI is the home of endless innovation in the nano field, in this case in the cosmetic industry," says Miroslav Černík, Director of CXI TUL.

Unique dry nano mask

The dry nano mask is an innovative type of cosmetic facial mask. The development is based on the results of many years of nanofiber applications for medical and dermatological purposes. An order of magnitude higher efficiency of transfer of active substances to the skin (more than 90%), without fillers, stabilizers and preservatives contained in wet masks and creams. The advantage is also the even distribution of active ingredients in the face mask. In wet masks and creams, the active ingredients are concentrated in a specific place after a short time, so you can apply a portion that is not enriched in any way to your face. The active ingredients are evenly distributed over the entire surface of the masks and thus the user gets the highest effect with each application. The dry nano masks allow for easy and quick application. For optimal results, a very short application time (8 minutes) is sufficient. The effect of the mask develops fully in the following hours and days. The dry mask does not contain any liquid. Because they are free of parabens, silicones, acrylates, dyes and perfumes.

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