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Scientists from Liberec and Chemnitz will connect science and art

14. 2. 2024

The Liberec Region and Saxony, which have a rich cultural and scientific heritage, are now connected by the new InterBridge project. For this innovative project, teams from the Technical University of Liberec and Technische Universität Chemnitz have joined forces. They want to harness the rich potential of both regions, their expertise in research and promote the development of cooperation between science and art on a cross-border level.

As Hana Křížová, the project manager, explains, "InterBridge is not only a connection of two regions, but also a connection of two worlds - science and art."

At the initial meeting of the project team, Hana Křížová presented the basic concept of the InterBridge project and an overview of the planned events. The first of them, a popular science lecture on Scientific Photography and Microphotography, will take place on 19 March at CXI TUL and will be streamed with simultaneous translation into German for those interested from Germany. The lecture will be given by Mgr Viktor Sýkora, a world-renowned photographer, scientist and author of the books The Mystery of Plants and The Invisible Human World.

Creativity and Humour at the Forefront

InterBridge combines science and art, but also creativity and humor. Therefore, Hana Křížová complemented her introductory presentations with humorous photographs created with the help of artificial intelligence to illustrate the intended outcomes of the project. A meerkat in a dress on a catwalk, cats admiring paintings in a gallery and a giraffe standing on a Victoria Royal leaf under a waterfall symbolize the basic idea of the project - the fusion of science and art, or creativity.

The aim of the project is to connect science and art, which will include, for example, supporting artists, makers and businesses in the use of technology and materials research, or educating and raising public awareness of new technologies and materials. The team is therefore planning regular webinars, workshops and travelling exhibitions, a fashion show and an electronic gallery of all the artefacts created during the project. There will also be an electronic catalogue of materials and technologies for creative work. Linking technology and creative production will be the main focus of a set of e-learning courses that will be developed as a test module for interdisciplinary degree programmes that cross the boundaries between technology, design and art.

German partners Prof. Daisy Nestler and Johannes Winhard are researching composite materials at the University of Chemnitz. These materials are intended not only for technological and industrial use, but also for the creation of works of art.

InterBridge is an open initiative launched by universities in partnership with Preciosa and Entry Engineering. Both companies bring their unique perspectives and expertise. Preciosa is a large group of companies with a long tradition and a global presence in glass and jewellery. Entry Engineering is a company focused on innovative technology, development, testing and industrial design primarily for the automotive industry. Both companies bring their expertise in materials and design to the project, fostering a creative fusion of art and science.

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Hana Křížová

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