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Tomáš Lederer's team successfully tests wastewater treatment technology

1. 7. 2024

The global production and consumption of pharmaceuticals continues to grow, leading to their input into the environment, including water resources. Treatment-resistant antibiotics, drugs for high blood pressure, gout, diabetes and other substances often persist even after conventional wastewater treatment. That's why CXI TUL scientists led by Tomas Lederer have focused on this problem.

Tomáš's team, in collaboration with Libor Novák from PRO-AQUA CZ, developed and successfully tested an advanced technology for further treatment of conventionally treated wastewater. This technology achieves extraordinary results of 90-99% efficiency in removing selected micropollutants directly at the source, in wastewater treatment plants. Scientists have tested the results of this innovative approach at selected wastewater treatment plants in Liberec and Dobrovíz.

Find out more about our breakthrough solution and how it sets new standards in environmental protection. Watch the video:

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