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Pilot verification of technologies for the removal of pharmaceutical substances from WWTPs

Registration number:3213200013

Realization period:01.05. 2022 – 30.04. 2024

Leader at TUL:Ing. Tomáš Lederer, Ph.D.

The subject of the project is the elimination of pharmaceutical substances that are not removed by existing wastewater treatment plants. However, a large part of these substances is adsorbed and accumulated in biological sludge. The majority of hospitals are drained to the relevant municipal wastewater treatment plants, so the project focuses on eliminating pharmaceutical substances from biologically treated wastewater. Treated wastewater always contains residual pollution by organic substances, usually at the level of min. 5%, i.e. in concentrations of tens of mg / l (determined as COD). On the other hand, pharmaceutical substances occur in concentrations of units, up to tens of micrograms per litre. Any technology that removes these micropollutants then requires a substantial reduction in the overall "background" of organic pollution, which otherwise increases energy consumption, chemicals or excipients, including adsorbents. The necessary pre-treatment is the elimination of total residual organic pollution from biologically treated wastewater, which consists mainly of products of microorganisms, non-degradable substances, metabolites that are not removed with sufficient efficiency by bioaccumulation. The aim of the project is to pilot test the technologies verified by both partners for the removal of residual organic pollution.

General partners

Škoda AUTO
Česká Zbrojovka
FM Motol
UJV Group