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Intelligent MAterials and Green manufacturINg

Realization period:01.01. 2023 – 31.12. 2025

Leader at TUL:Ing. Jan Kočí

IMAGINE is a project to establish the foundations of a pan-European centre of excellence for the intelligent design of materials and manufacturing to support more eco-effective and cradle to cradle products in line with the goals of the Green Deal and circular economy. This centre would be established in the Czech Republic and support a major transition in research capacity performance and outcomes for the project co-ordinator. It builds on the co-ordinators existing strengths and is supported by three leading international research organisations, to overcome weaknesses and mitigate potential threats to this ambition. IMAGINE will develop an international research agenda for IDm2 and a strategic roadmap for its establishment, along with (a) a pan European constituency support and (b) a robust pipeline of projects for the proposed centre. Action is needed to transform the global economy towards a more circular economy with less intensive use of fossil energy and limited resources and more use of recyclable materials. Sustainable, recyclable materials and green digitized manufacturing techniques will play a critical role in this transformation. Substantial advancements will be needed to achieve a more intelligent materials design to enhance both functionality and sustainability. This closely connects with the manufacturing processes. An integrated design of materials and manufacturing creates new opportunities and markets as well as improves the eco efficiency of the existing products we rely on. Moreover, this design needs to be better consider end of (current) life and better support cradle to cradle (circular) approaches. All these must be achieved without compromising, and indeed improving on, the standards and quality that consumers and producers expect from existing products. IMAGINE, how can products be made sustainable through intelligent hybridization and eco-efficient, digital manufacturing?

General partners

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Česká Zbrojovka
FM Motol
UJV Group