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Data Drive Research @ CXI TUL

Registration number:692/2022

Realization period:30.05. 2022 – 21.02. 2023

Leader at TUL:Ing. Jan Kočí

Many departments of the Technical University of Liberec are involved in research and innovation projects that require the storage, processing and analysis of an increasing volume of data due to the gradual digitalization of technical equipment and processes. This is related to the fragmentation of technical solutions for data storage and security from local, shared, network to cloud storage without clear governance and effective cost analysis for stored/transferred data. With the increasing connectivity of individual devices, the issue of device security and the authenticity, unquestionability or auditability of measured data also needs to be addressed responsibly. Unfortunately, there is no uniform and systematic solution in this area, no clear and updated device assesment, no corresponding binding methodology not only at CxI and the Technical University of Liberec, but neither at many other universities. The aim of the DDR project is to lay the foundations of Data-Driven Research and, based on the description of the AS-IS situation and user requirements, to define a methodology for the registration and categorization of devices, their integration into the technological network, standardization and the possibility to access measured data not only from the university premises, but also from home, for example. The draft methodology will be verified at several CxI pilot sites and developed into a cloud application containing, in addition to the basic function of equipment registration, in particular an evaluation section and an interactive proposal for a suitable technical solution and cost indication in order to make maximum use of the available e-infrastructure and CESNET services. This will enable the systematic digitisation and subsequent standardisation of research processes, the standardisation of measured data and thus an increase in international competitiveness.

General partners

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Česká Zbrojovka
FM Motol
UJV Group