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Porézní biologické 2D membrány a 3D struktury vystavěné z polysacharidů funkcionalizovaných rostlinných gum a jejich environmentální aplikace

Registration number:LTAUSA19091

Realization period:01.01. 2020 – 31.12. 2022

Leader at TUL:prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Černík, CSc.

The proposed project aims to develop ultra lightweight, high-strength, bio-based, biodegradable, porous, and tuneable two-dimensional (2D) membranes and three-dimensional (3D) sponges with facile synthetic schemes based on eco-friendly polysaccharide gums. The proposed 3D sponges and 2D porous membranes will be fabricated via self-assembly-freeze-drying, cryogelation and electrospinning from tree gum exudates (e.g. arabic, karaya, tragacanth, ghatti, and kondagogu) as well as their blends with other renewable natural/synthetic biodegradables polymers. The enhancement of functional properties (physicochemical, mechanical, thermal, hydrophobicity/hydrophilicity and surface area) will be investigated by applying the environmental friendly “green technologies” such as plasma treatment, laser ablation, γ-ray irradiation, UV initiation and microwave treatment. Furthermore, the hierarchical porous structure and functional groups of gum will be used for functionalization of porous membranes and sponges with various metal/metal oxide or core-shell nanoparticles, and other organic/polymeric molecules. The ensuing porous functionalised structures will form an integral part of applications for sustainable development under the umbrella of green chemistry and technology, specifically heterogeneous catalysis (greener catalytic degradation) and extraction of environmental contaminates of various types (heavy metals, pesticides, and organic dyes).

General partners

Škoda AUTO
Česká Zbrojovka
FM Motol
UJV Group