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Smart 3D technology of additive production and welding of shaped parts of moulds for die casting of aluminium alloys

Registration number:FW06010603

Realization period:01.01. 2023 – 31.12. 2025

Leader at TUL:Ing. Michal Ackermann, Ph.D.

The main objective of the project is research and development of moulds made of H-13 and HEATVAR for die casting of aluminium alloys using modern technologies of additive manufacturing, heat treatment, surface treatment and numerical simulations. The application of additive technology will speed up the production of the moulds and increase their lifetime, and allow the design of new more efficient cooling systems that would be difficult to produce with conventional technologies. The two proposed mould materials are tool steels, in the case of H13 steel, with the same chemical composition as conventionally made moulds made from 1.2343 or 1.2367 materials currently used for casting aluminium alloys. HEATVAR steel has been newly developed as a tool steel with excellent hot work properties. From an additive manufacturing technology perspective, H13 steel is a challenging material with a higher carbon content and susceptibility to cracking. HEATVAR steel should be easier to process due to its very low carbon content, but so far very little information is available on it. Therefore, the project will need to optimise the additive manufacturing process and subsequent heat treatment of both steels to enable the production of moulds with minimal porosity and the required mechanical and functional properties.

General partners

Škoda AUTO
Česká Zbrojovka
FM Motol
UJV Group