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ULTRA-SMALL: Laser Synthesis of Ultra-Small Nanoalloys for the Neat Development of Powerful Catalysts

Registration number:21-29971M

Realization period:01.01. 2021 – 31.12. 2025

Leader at TUL: Rafael Omar Torres Mendieta

Ultra-small nanoalloys will be synthesized by a laser-mediated pathway that enables the creation of extremely small nanoelements. The synthesized materials will be used as catalysts in the degradation of persistent organic pollutants (POPs). This can bring great benefits to the sector of environmental catalysis since the combination of metallic elements in an ultra-small matrix (size below 3nm) will help developping of powerful catalysts. To date, the methodologies used for the manufacturing of nanomaterials in the ultra-small dimension regime are still limited, hazardous, and generate a considerable amounts of chemical waste. The proposed methodology will not only enable the synthesis of such materials at a competitive manufacturing rate but, at the same time, minimize the chemical waste-production and the risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals. Therefore, considering the eco-friendly perspective of the current project, its realization may represent a breaking point not only in the elimination of POPs but also in the growing area of ultra-small nanoelements, the successors of conventional nanomaterials.

General partners

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