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HR news is even closer to you

12. 6. 2023

Up-to-date information for CXI employees is now also available on the bulletin board in the lobby of Building L. All practical HR information, the complete range of employee benefits, how CXI works, what the HR Award is or how to find your way around the website cxi.tul.cz in the People & Career section. All this is prepared by colleagues from the HR department as an information service for all CXI employees. Each month they present a selected topic or activity on the bulletin board.

"We try our best to promote a good working environment and actively communicate with our male and female employees. That's why we are sharing news and reminding practical information on the new bulletin board that not everyone may have learned yet. We are committed to keeping everyone on the CXI team up to date with what is happening at CXI and what the university has to offer as an employer. To do this, we use the available internal communication tools," says Alena Kábová, HR Director of CXI TUL.

When you go for coffee, you can read important information and tips directly for you. Internal communication is key at CXI because good and timely information fosters a good working environment. If you have any questions or tips and information you would like to see on the bulletin board, please feel free to contact our Human Resources Department.

We also remind you that all information and practical advice is still available online at cxi.tul.cz. We regularly post important news in the News and Blog sections to keep you well informed.

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