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When you go for a beer with the CEO of CXI, golf discs fly

26. 6. 2023

Start the work week on the golf course? That's the reality of every CEO! And we tried it out on Monday, June 19! At the traditional June event "Beer with CXI Director", this time at DiskGolf Grabštejn. This event promised not only sport and fun, but also a chance to spend time with colleagues outside the CXI offices and labs.

Everyone travelled to the event in their own way. The largest women's group set off on bicycles, while the others took the train number TL20906 and then walked. The Railway Administration had specially planned a one-day closure for the day to make the transportation more adventurous. Some went by car, but we'll leave that without comment.

The program started plus or minus 10:00 am when the CXI Director officially welcomed us and the DiscGolf Tournament started. We played for the CXI Director's Award and it was a great opportunity to show our skills in something we had never heard of before. Since we are more than talented enough for the sport, we competed straight away as professionals for the prestigious prize. All the players showed their best "on the green". As if there weren't any beginners in our ranks... This tournament brought a lot of fun, especially with the numerous teams that faithfully followed the drinking regime.

The first two rounds showed who was the champion here. In theory, everyone. Some at least looked good, others were heard and seen, some managed to get the disc upwind, others even to the basket on two throws.

After the tournament we had a delicious lunch. Tasty food and refreshing drinks gave us energy for further activities, and especially the announcement of the best teams. The winners were mainly men, which is not surprising. Who can, can. We followed up with a group photo shoot, sports again and free fun.

There is never time for anything, but there was plenty of time to chat with the CXI director, as nothing is to be overdone. It was a great opportunity for team building and reinforcing collective belonging.


After the event, everyone made sure to go home on their own. Some at their discretion, others according to their strength and rail transport options.

"Beer with the CEO" is a traditional team building event for the CXI team. It is an annual opportunity to share information of varying credibility, to pass on guaranteed information together outside the work environment and to strengthen relationships, collegiality and good humour.

We came, we had fun and we had a great Monday, which is not usually this enjoyable. Thank you, Director.

Click HERE for a complete photo gallery of the event.

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