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What to do when: handbooks for effective work at CXI

11. 7. 2023

The new CXI employee handbooks serve employees for various life situations. Think of them as "guides" to help you navigate different areas and help you when you start work, go on maternity leave, work with GAP or go on work or study mobility.

CXI always tries to make "life" easier for employees so that they can focus on their work. With the same goal in mind, we have developed a set of guides focusing on specific topics to help you become more familiar with the different procedures in a new work or life situation. Introducing the HR Library, here's to 7 key guides:

1.          The Guide for (not only) New Employees is a great resource for information on common CXI procedures and processes. There is also a special section dedicated to R&D (Research and Development) staff.

2.            The Guide for Parents and Carers the most common questions about maternity leave, parental leave, paternity leave and childcare, as well as care for other people and foster care. For example, if you are a prospective or current parent wondering what lies ahead, you will find answers here.

3.            The GaP (Grants and Projects) System Guide is a simple guide that walks you through the basic functionality of this system for managing grants and projects at CXI.

4.            If you would like to learn more about recruitment at CXI or recommend one of our open positions to a friend, The Guide for Recruitment of CXI staff is a valuable resource.

5.            We don't forget to take care of our "post-docs". The Guide for Recruitment and Professional Development of CXI Postdoctoral Researchers summarizes everything related to postdoctoral positions and supports the development of our postdocs.

6.            The Guide for Preparation and Management of CXI Research and Non-research Projects is a practical guide for your work in preparing and managing projects. The aim of the handbook is to strengthen the preparation phase of projects, improve the quality of project submissions, increase their success rate and facilitate their implementation.

7.            For those looking for clear information on mobility, there is The Guide for Mobility at CXI.

All these documents are available on the website HERE and of course there is an English version.

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