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Greetings from the camp in Forgotten Valley

2. 8. 2023

Who hasn't been to summer camp at least once in their life? Some of us more than once. One popular camp is in full swing near Drahňovice near Český Šternberk. The kids and their counselors have been having a blast since Saturday and we have our footprint here as CXI!

This year's camp theme is Ancient Egypt. There is a varied programme of games for every day and there is really no risk of boredom. When not playing a game or treasure hunt, the children spend their free time with their leaders, learning to camp and master other outdoor activities: tying knots, communicating with Morse code, knowing basic medicinal plants, cutting and chopping wood and many other practical skills. There is also cooking in a kettle on an open fire. In the evening, the past day is always reviewed and the next day's programme is shared. There are also songs sung with guitar around the campfire.

As a souvenir, everyone will take away a rare scarab beetle from the camp this year, in addition to incredible experiences. Who doesn't know the sacred scarab beetle. It is a typical symbol of Egypt, which we know from paintings and other archaeological finds. The scarab was revered in ancient Egypt as a symbol of the solar cycle and represented rebirth. For this reason, many amulets were made in its likeness, to which people attributed great power. And just such an amulet was created on the 3D printer at CXI under the hands of Martin Seidl and Jakub Macháček.

Many thanks to the campers!

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