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Hasta luego, Girona!

8. 8. 2023

In mid-July, six Ph.D. students from Liberec went to the north of Spain to the charming historical city of Girona. A summer school focused on membrane processes for water purification was held for a whole week at the local university. A total of 29 students from 13 different countries attended the course with us.


Throughout the week there were interesting practical exercises in the laboratory, where we tested, for example, filters used in remote areas of the Amazon and Africa to obtain drinking water, or hollow fibre membranes in a direct osmosis process. We also took a peek under the hood of the process of monitoring membrane systems, as well as programming the measuring sensors used in the lab. During the week, we worked on group work in which we had to solve a given model situation on how to deal with wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry, and at the end we presented our proposed technology to others in the form of a short presentation. The best rated proposed technology was awarded at the end.

The summer school also included a tour of the laboratories of the research institute of the University of Girona, LEQUIA, and the local landfill water treatment plant, followed by a rest on one of the Costa Brava beaches in Lloret de Mar and a walk on the surrounding cliffs with sea views. Temperature records were falling all over Europe at the time, and a cool dip in the sea from hot Girona really came in handy. Speaking of relaxing, one evening was also devoted to dinner at a local pub in the form of the famous Spanish tapas. You stand with others around a long table overflowing with all sorts of traditional delicacies, chatting, sipping and spooning whatever you like or are attracted to by its smell onto a small plate.

Magda Nechanická, Luboš Mrkva, Belin Bilgin Sabit, Mohamed Magdi Mohamed Ahmed, Tomáš Dufek a Hadi Taghavian at the Summer School in Girona tested e.g. filters used in the Amazonia or Africa to obtain drinking water

The whole course took place in a friendly atmosphere, where in our free time or during lunches together we got to know the foreign culture and how it is in the countries where the other students come from, but also learned something new about the works or topics they are working on in their studies. In short, it was an enjoyable time full of interesting information and practical experience.

Thank you to the University of Girona for organizing the summer school and we look forward to seeing you again.

Hasta luego, Girona!

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