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Meet CXI Team: Fatma

14. 8. 2023

We introduce our colleagues from the CXI team. Let's see. Who do we work with?

In our CXI team, we're proud to introduce you Fatma, hailing from Turkey. Fatma plays a crucial role across different spheres. Holding positions in the Department of Environmental Technology at CXI as a senior researcher and also as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics, and Interdisciplinary Studies at TUL, her impact is profound.

What is Fatma's passion? Continuous learning and self-improvement, and her dedication extends towards benefiting society and nurturing the next generation of thinkers. With a diverse set of skills, comprehensive training, and an intrinsic drive for excellence, she aims to excel in every endeavor she undertakes.


Some fun facts in her words

I used to dream of being a traveler and writer when I was a child. Maybe that's why I enjoy travelling so much. However, the only things I write are scientific papers :) Even though I love singing, I don't have a good voice and I can't memorize a single song :)


About work:

Water is an indispensable resource, essential for sustaining all forms of life on Earth and supporting vital ecological processes. Even though we are surrounded by water on the earth, the amount of accessible fresh water is limited. The future water scenario points to an increasingly concerning issue of water scarcity, with rising global demand, population growth, and climate change posing significant challenges to ensuring sufficient and accessible water sources for communities and ecosystems. My primary focus within my work involves the restoration and strengthening of compromised environments, with a specific emphasis on the remediation of wastewater. This activity is important because it helps to protect the environment, renew it, and manage pollution and contamination problems, particularly through efficient wastewater remediation, which improves the health of ecosystems and human populations as a whole. These days, I have started some research on green-energy production while cleaning wastewater. I feel like my work makes important contributions to the preservation of our natural world and the improvement of society by taking part in important environmental restoration efforts and promoting for effective solutions for wastewater remediation and green-energy production. This leads to us a healthier and more sustainable future.

What is the same for her and another foreigners in Liberec

Let’s answer this question from two perspectives;)

We love nature!!! There is no doubt that Czech Republic has great nature, mountains, lakes, and freshwater sources. There are nice hiking and cycling roads in the nature. We also like, that it is not an overcrowded country except for the tourist places such as Prague. People are calm in here and it is a safe country. There is not much traffic or air pollution.

As I see we all suffer from language barriers, cold weather, and food. The Czech language is quite difficult and needs to be studied continuously. Practice in the Czech language is also important. I must say, that we are not perfect in the pronunciation of words, and challenging to communicate. However, we feel lucky in TUL, since people are very kind and help for improving our speaking skills. If we cannot explain anything in Czech, they all speak good English.

When it comes to weather, many of my foreign friends are coming from hot countries. We really like nature in here, it is amazing. However, some days in winter over -10 are starting to be challenging for us :) Since it has long and harsh winter in this region, it is expected how difficult to find fresh fruits or vegetables which has a huge impact on food.

Join us in knowing our colleagues and reach new heights of innovation and collaboration! Next time we meet another inspiring woman. Follow us.

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