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Meet CXI Team: Nesrine

24. 8. 2023

Second edition of Meet CXI Team is here. Keep your eyes peeled. Ready to see who's on board? 

Today we present you Nesrine Amor. She's exactly the example that girls belong in tech. She got a Ph.D. in branch of Electrical Engineering. At CXI she works as a Researcher at the Department of Machines Design.

About work:

My research is focused on statistical signal processing, artificial intelligence techniques, composite materials, biomedical and power systems applications. My current main work is based on computational modelling, data analysis and optimization of composite materials, utilization of machine learning algorithms for prediction of functional properties of composites and identification of macro to nano defects in composites, development of scientific articles and research projects related to materials engineering, computational data analysis and modelling of materials. 

Funny thing that happened to her:

I did a mistake with setting up the washer machine after 2 hours I found all basement full with water and
I spent almost 6 hours trying to remove the water.

What works fine and works bad in Liberec / in Czechia?

I admire Liberec for its natural beauty and cultural attractions. I’m a calm person and I love calmness and natural beauty which makes Liberec my favourite place to live. The only thing I find difficult in Liberec is the market timing. I want to be in the centre late night. However, markets are closed around 8 or 9.

I am planning to learn Czech language but it is a little tough job for me.


Why is Nesrine the best teammate:

If you really want to go out without any destination and want intermittent food during a trip, join me :)

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