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CXI staff meeting 30.5.2024: Director speaks vol. 5

31. 5. 2024

On Thursday, May 30th, we gathered for the regular semi-annual CXI TUL staff meeting, where the director Mirek Černík traditionally speaks and introduces the team to important news and plans not only from our institute, but also from the events and operational information from the university. This format allows for regular meetings and discussions. The event was held for the fifth time and was traditionally well attended.


Current situation at CXI TUL

Director Mirek Černík presented the current situation at CXI, including ongoing, new and evaluated projects and the economic results of the institute. We discussed our achievements and the challenges that lie ahead in the coming period. After a slight downturn, we are starting to slowly return to the numbers we had before the covid pandemic. The staffing situation is stable, allowing us to focus on our main goals and objectives. In addition, CXI TUL is increasing its share in the overall research and development results of TUL. "In this context, I would like to encourage our researchers to try to publish their work in prestigious D1 journals, which would further strengthen our position in science and research not only in the context of our university," said Mirek Černík.

Information from TUL and CXI

A new change in the university management is the change in the position of Bursar, the newly appointed Bursar is Ing. Martina Froschová. Some faculties are facing budget cuts due to low student numbers. In the area of infrastructure, the construction of a new building on the site of the existing kindergarten is planned. Instead, a playgroup will be built in the M building in Harcova. We are actively addressing parking for staff and campus. A realistic option will be that each employee can have a maximum of one parking space per employee card. Control will be carried out by the Liberec Municipal Police. Regarding student scholarships, faculty will not receive funding for students with an average higher than 150%. Finally, the issue of employee benefits is still being addressed, with sports activities remaining free of charge.

Concurrent employment
Director Mirek Černík mentioned the problem of concurrent employment and its implications for further cooperation with companies in case of possible conflicts in projects. These employees are now required to seek permission from their supervisor before entering into a second employment relationship or starting a business. The CXI form administered by Alena Kábová must be used for this purpose as the TUL form is not yet available.


ENVI COMPETITION: Let's protect the environment together

At the end of February, we announced a competition focused on environmental protection at CXI TUL. Employees had the opportunity to participate and contribute their ideas and projects to make our institute more environmentally friendly. A total of 7 ideas were collected, 4 of which are feasible from June and their submitters received an incentive reward.

These were:

Karel Havlíček: Topic - Saving water

Karel Havlíček presented a topic focused on water conservation, which is a key part of our environmental agenda.


Kristýna Marková: Recycling of polystyrene

Kristýna Marková proposed to collect used polystyrene, which the waste company in Liberec takes to the incinerator. This step would significantly contribute to our efforts to reduce waste. We don't have space for storage yet, but the idea is relatable for the future.


Michal Řezanka: Bins for sorted waste and LED lighting

Michal Řezanka suggested installing bins for sorted waste on each floor near the elevator. He would also like to see LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption. In consultation with the new cleaning staff, this will also be implemented.

Further suggestions from the team (Mohammad Gheibi, Daniele Silvestri, Stanislaw Waclawek, Martin Stuchlík, Luboš Dittrich, Kateřina Bobčíková):

Turn off the lights in the toilets when you leave.
Installation of motion sensors in toilets and corridors.
Sensor faucets in toilets.
Introduction of E-Waste management incentive system at CXI (battery collection - install rollers).
Proposal to construct a latrine in the slope.

These suggestions and proposals show our concerted efforts to improve environmental standards at the workplace. Thank you all for your initiative and we look forward to the next steps in sustainability. 

The last part of the meeting was dedicated to discussion and questions from employees towards management. The meeting was held in a positive spirit and was full of constructive discussions. Thank you to all participants for their active participation in the meeting and the joint discussion. 

We are looking forward to the June team building at DiscGolf Grabstein on Monday 24 June. All of you are cordially invited and please confirm your attendance by emailing to Petra Halířová.

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