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Open Science Day at CXI - 1 June

25. 5. 2023

It's coming! Open Science Day at CXI - 1 June

We cordially invite all science and research enthusiasts to an unforgettable Open Science Day to be held on June 1 from 3-6 pm at CXI. Join us and enjoy an afternoon of fun, learning and inspiration.

Check out this video from colleague Aday Amirbekov, who filmed the action in our labs. And that's how it's going to be alive again at CXI!





Jakub Zach, Bekir Yildirim - Department of Process Modelling and Artificial Intelligence (OMI)

Amazing ChatGPT - virtually

ChatGPT - good servant, bad master. Do you know the capabilities of this famous language model? We will show how it is used, talk about its benefits and ethical aspects. We will present some unusual possibilities (model situations) how to use ChatGPT and what to watch out for when using it. In addition, we have prepared software that focuses on image recognition, specifically face detection and face recognition (including the difference between these terms). During your visit, you can test, for example, whether you are a woman or a man, how old you are and what mood you are in right now.

Location: entrance hall - building L


Michal Řezanka, Martin Stuchlík - Department of Nanochemistry (ONCH)

Fascinating chemistry of (nano)materials

Come to the laboratories of the Nanochemistry Department and we will open the door to the fascinating world of nanomaterials! Find out how nanotechnology connects with our everyday life. At the same time, discover what chemistry is hidden in your clothes. We identify materials using modern methods. Come and explore!

Location: 2nd etage, East Tower - building L


Tomáš Martinec - Department of Mechatronic Systems and Robotics
Dan Hančil - SW Architecture and Development Department

Hololens: an augmented reality adventure

Connect to the digital world with HoloLens glasses that allow you to see and interact with virtual objects in the real world. Experience how virtual reality becomes real before your eyes and hands. Experience hands-on applications in person as this revolutionary technology is used in industry. Or immerse yourself in the world of virtual space, where you will have the opportunity to walk the streets of European metropolises, admire the architecture and explore the details of buildings. Get ready for an experience that will literally transport you to another world - the dimension of virtual reality and augmented reality.

Location: entrance hall - building L


Jaroslav Hlava, Daniel Kajzr - Institute of Mechatronics and Technical Informatics FM TUL

Autonomous vehicle and the future of industrial logistics

We will offer a unique opportunity for all enthusiasts of autonomous vehicles and electromobility. Come and be inspired by the future of automatically guided vehicles. Together, we will discover the world of control and sensor systems that bring elements of autonomy to vehicle behaviour. Everyone can get hands-on with our small experimental vehicle "Generation 0". This rover integrates several different sensor systems and an advanced control system allowing several different modes of operation. You will have the opportunity to try it out for yourself in the person or driver tracking mode.

Location: entrance hall - building L


Michal Komárek - Environmental Technology Department

Nanospider: nanofibre machine

How are nanofibres produced? In the Nanospider. This machine produces nanofibres by electrostatic wetting. The Nanospider produces extremely fine and strong nanofibres with incredible precision. They are used in many industries, from textiles to biomedicine. Imagine their applications in air and water filtration, the production of nanofibrous materials for clothing and technical textiles, the production of bioactive materials for biomedical applications and many other technological breakthroughs.

Location: 2nd etage, West Tower - building L


Jakub Hrůza - Department of Environmental Technology

How we filter water and air

Nanofiltration uses microscopic filtering membranes that effectively remove pollution and unwanted substances from wastewater or air. This exceptional technology is the key to protecting the environment, ensuring drinking water sources, clean air and promoting sustainable development. We will also show you concrete examples of nanofiltration applications in various sectors such as industry, agriculture and urban infrastructure.

Location: 4th etage, East Tower - building L


Jakub Macháček, Jiří Šafka - 3D Printing Laboratory

Technological duel of 3D printers

A battle between two 3D printers will be unleashed. Josef Prusa's latest Original Prusa MK4 3D printer will enter the ring. Its challenger will be none other than the top climbing 3D printer Bambu Lab X1 Carbon from Bambu Lab. In a fierce competition, they will compare printing capabilities to the sound of stepper motors working. Come see the duel of quality and speed in modern 3D printing. See how printers create objects accurately and quickly.

Location: entrance hall - building L


Come to our labs and discover the world of nanomaterials, technology and innovation! You will see that nano is a common part of our world. Come and get carried away into the world of nano and research!


Make a note of the date 1 June and join us for the Open Science Day at CXI from 3pm. We look forward to seeing you.

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