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Our scientists discussed environmental initiatives in Vietnam

13. 3. 2024

On 7 March, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha received a mission of foreign scientists in which Alena Ševců, Veronika Hlaváčková and Nhung Nguyen also represented the Czech Republic. Our scientists also participated in the 4th International Conference on Pollution, Restoration and Environmental Management (ICEPORM 2024) organized by the central province of Binh Dinh in Vietnam.

The aim of ICEPORM 2024 was to gather scientists from all over the world in Quy Nhon to share their research results and personal professional experiences they have with environmental restoration, discuss environmental pollution issues, and continue research and education cooperation between scientists from developed and developing countries as well as with the Vietnamese government. Our two CXI TUL scientists were invited to this conference by the founder and head of the scientific committee, Tham Hoang from Auburn University in Vietnam.

The ICEPORM 2024 conference was attended by more than 100 scientists who presented over 80 research results in the field of environmental pollution, toxicology, monitoring and environmental risk assessment.

"We are currently collaborating with Mr. Tham on the TEQUATIC project, in which we are focusing on the toxicity of textile fibres in freshwater environments. He is involved as an expert in ecotoxicity research. We were happy to accept his invitation to present our research in Vietnam and offer our expert assistance," explained Alena Ševců from CXI TUL.

Vietnam is actively involved in international agreements on climate change and environmental protection. It is exploring new approaches, technological solutions and methods to solve its environmental problems. The country seeks international support and cooperation from scientists, organisations and research institutes, including in the areas of research, human resource development, risk assessment and the implementation of standards for the management of different types of waste.

"In Vietnam, we don't have proper environmental education in schools and for everyone, so when I was given the opportunity to come up and speak about these urgent needs directly to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, I really appreciated it. I say this from my personal experience because my family and other ordinary people in the countryside do not know how to deal with the increasing amount of waste, especially plastic waste," says Nhung Nguyen. Originally from Vietnam, she has been living in the country for the past 6 years and working as a researcher at CXI TUL.

Our environmental experts remain in close cooperation with the Vietnamese side and will be involved in solving the current problems.

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