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InterBridge connected science and people. This time with microscopy.

4. 7. 2024

At the end of May and in mid-June, the Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovations of TUL hosted two exceptional workshops focused on working with the electron microscope. Organised in cooperation with German partners under the Multidisciplinary Bridge | InterBridge initiative, these events attracted 25 enthusiastic participants to Liberec, including those from Germany and Poland.

"We are trying to show how science can connect people across borders in our Tri-Country. Our workshops are not just demonstrations of technology, but together we share knowledge and build friendships with like-minded people from Germany and Poland. We are extremely happy to create space for new collaborations and friendships. We believe that events like this will help to deepen cross-border relations and inspire others to explore the fascinating world of science," says Hana Křížová from the Multidisciplinary Bridge Initiative | InterBridge.

Enthusiasm for science knows no bounds

Experienced "microscopists" Pavel Kejzlar and Michaela Petržílková from CXI TUL were helpful guides at the workshops. Both researchers have been working in microscopy for many years. They are able to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at the events and actively draw the participants into the world of microscopy. Participants also had the opportunity to bring their own samples to the microscopy lab at CXI TUL and create slides to examine under the electron microscope. The multiple magnifications allow for unique insights into natural structures, often surprising and visually interesting. To record the unique structures, participants created unique slides and were able to discuss them together.

One of the workshop participants was Ms. Yolanthe from Zittau: "I am retired, but I have always been fascinated by natural sciences. I found the workshop on the internet and was immediately interested. I persuaded my friend and we came to Liberec. In the morning we explored the city and the botanical garden, in the afternoon we immersed ourselves in the world of the electron microscope. You encourage cross-border cooperation and give people an insight into scientific work," said Yolanthe.

The other participants were Leonie and her colleague Lukas from the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer at the Hochschule Zittau und Görlitz. They also brought their own plant samples: poppy seeds and burdock fruit. At the workshop, they examined them fully under a high-tech microscope.

The organizer Hana Křížová invited the participants to process the images of the specimens from the electron microscope in an artistic way. They plan to exhibit the selected artworks at the upcoming travelling exhibition in the autumn.

For more photos and experiences from the workshop click here.


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